Meet Our Tennis Pro

My love of tennis began with lessons at the age of 7. When, at 11 years old, I stepped onto the pristine grass of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, I was hooked. In my senior year in high school I was in the top ranking. During my college years at TCU, I was in the number 10 position on the team. As a senior I have been nationally ranked and in 2014 achieved a national ranking of #3 in the husband and wife mixed doubles.

It was in college that my true vocation emerged. Friends began to ask me how to play or improve their tennis. As I helped others learn the game and improve their skills I discovered two things: I was good at teaching and really enjoyed helping others learn and master the game of tennis. I then pursued teaching credentials receiving certifications from the US Tennis Academy and the Professional Teachers Registry (PTR).

I have been teaching this fun, challenging, and fabulous game for 35 years now and am still inspired by every student’s successes. My teaching career has taken me from public parks, to private clubs, to five star resorts. And now, here at Sunrise Country Club, I have the opportunity to expand my professional horizons while helping a whole new group of tennis enthusiasts improve their skills and enhance their enjoyment of this wonderful game.

Kent Autrey
Head Tennis Professional, Sunrise Country Club