If you are renting a unit at Sunrise Country Club you will be able to take advantage of many amenities offered to our homeowners and members. Short-term sports memberships for golf, racquet sports (tennis & pickleball), and fitness are available to purchase. The majority of units at Sunrise are owned by equity members but there are some non-equity units and this will effect membership pricing.

To view 2024 renter membership fees click on the following links: 
Equity Renter Fees 
Non-Equity Renter Fees
Renter Application 
Summer Equity Renter Fees (June - September)
Summer Non-Equity Renter Fees (June - September)

The club's on-site Realtor, Bennion Deville Encore Premier Group, manages most of the rental units. CLICK HERE to send them an email.

Upon arrival, you will want to 'check-in' at the Homeowners Association Office to open an account. An account will give you access to the club's dining room, grille, and lounge. Once your account is open, you may purchase short-term sports memberships for use during your stay.

Surise Country Club is a desired location for renters and after a few visits many of our renters purchase homes!